Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wisconsin Corn, Crop Prices for February 2012

Prices for corn and other Wisconsin crops were mixed for February, with month over month and year over year prices fluctuating.

For corn, the average price per bushel climbed to $5.97, a gain of 19 cents over January's price, and a jump of 38 cents over the price of a bushel in February 2011. However, it was less than the average price of corn per bushel in the U.S. for February, which came in at $6.16 as of the middle of the month.

The price of soybeans, on average, was at $12.50 per bushel in the middle of February, up 60 cents a bushel over January, but dropping 40 cents a bushel against the February 2011 price. It was higher than the overall U.S. soybean average of $12.30 a bushel as of the middle of February.

Oats in Wisconsin generated $3.59 a bushel, up 31 cents over January and 47 cents higher than the price in February 2011. That was a little less than the U.S. average of $3.66 a bushel for oats.

For alfalfa hay, the price as of the middle of February was $125.00 a ton, $25.00 over the price of February 2011, but about the same as January 2012.

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