Saturday, March 6, 2010

Breaking Business News Authors

Breaking Business News is owned and operated by Gary Thomas, and is based in Hodgenville, Kentucky, birthplace of Abraham Lincoln.

Any article on the site can be used without permission, as long as you include an attribution and link back to the site and/or specific article or snippet from an article.

Breaking Business News (


Breaking Business News Authors


Ellen Stevens:

Ellen has owned or managed several multi-million dollar retail or service business through her career, and has been writing on business, the U.S. economy and the effects of the Federal Reserve and government policy on overall global financial health.


Ray Esally:

Ray is an expatriate living in China, who listens to and observes the heartbeat of business in the Middle Kingdom, as well as other Asian countries.

He also keeps his finger on the pulse of China's economic policies and the resultant response of its leaders to current events.


Gary Thomas:

Gary has been running Internet businesses for over a dozen years, and has been writing on business topics since 2005. His favorite financial topic is the commodity bull run, which he expects to continue on for years.

Companies associated with commodities are also of interest to this Internet, business and investing expert.


Libby Johnson:

Libby worked in the banking industry for years before deciding she wanted to research and write about it, especially as the extraordinary events surrounding it have unfolded, and which has resulted in the global economy being brought to the brink of failure.


Allen Nine:

Allen's specialty is currencies, precious metals, the Federal Reserve, and other central banks and their policies which are having a major impact on the world we live in.

Also important to Allen is the government policies around the world which, overall, refuse to stop spending and to shrink the governments down to manageable size.

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