Friday, March 2, 2012

Study Concludes Shale Gas Extraction Safe

A study by the Polish Geological Institute concluded extraction of shale gas wasn't harmful to the environment, triggering quick responses from so-called environementalist who don't want that to be the narrative going forward.

According to the report, Canadian Lane Energy performed test drills in the norther portion of Poland, whereby there was some toxic residue, but by reusing it during the process, none was released into the environment.

The study concluded this: "Soil, air, water — the studies show that all these elements of the environment are safe if exploration of shale gas is conducted in accordance with legal regulations."

There was no pollution found in the soil, water or air, said the study.

Concerns over the process of removing gas or oil from shale because of the possibility some contaminated water, which is toxic, may reach the surface, is what is being tested.

The process is called hydraulic fracturing, or fracking for short, where mostly water, and some chemicals, are used to shatter shale under the ground so the gas, or oil, can be released for use.

Extraordinary deposits of shale gas and oil in the United States has numerous countries searching within their own borders to see if there are deposits there.

In the case of Poland, the country wants to slash its dependence on Russian natural gas, which can be unreliable.

Poland is still in the process of searching for shale gas deposits, so it isn't clear yet how much actually resides in the country.

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