Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monanto (MON) Battles France Over MON810 Corn

Monsanto (NYSE:MON) has won legal battle after legal battle in its pursuit of introducing MON810 corn into the French market, and with little recourse left to it, France continues to fight against the release of the genetically modified (GM) corn into the country.

MON810 is the only genetically modified crop that has been approved by the EU for planting in EU member countries.

After being ruled against by the European Court of Justice in September, 2011, France was also ruled against by the highest court in November, leaving them with just a plea to the EU that they not allow the rulings to go forward.

The question is what legal standing does France have left, as the plea has already been addressed and legally rejected.

It appears the only recourse for France is hopes of the EU deciding to allow individual countries in the region to decide. The problem with that is of course whenever the population of a certain country in the EU resists decisions, it undermines the group of countries who are fighting to keep the EU from collapsing altogether.

If France has no desire to abide by the rulings, the best thing the country could do is just quit pretending it's part of the EU and leave it; then begin to use its own currency again, while reasserting its own sovereignty.

Trying to have it both ways, even with something as small and relatively insignificant as GM corn, underscores the weakness of the EU, which is continuing to teeter on the precipice of collapse.

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